Capabilities / Project Management

In our attempt to provide you with the level of comfort that you require in running an off-site or overseas project, we have developed a fully transparent First Choice Project Management System to provide immediate feedback to our customers as necessary.

Besides 24-hour phone access, we offer high speed Internet, FTP file transfers (making large data transfers a cinch), any and all documentation as needed in English (such as tool manufacturing schedules, inspection reports, PPAP, invoicing, mold specifications, BOM lists, steel and plastic material specifications and certifications, all other certificates, processing parameters sheets, etc.).

Weekly progress reports are submitted for the tooling as requested, supported by up-to-date digital photos of the mold components as required. Video recordings of full cycle time with parts per hour calculations are available to those customers who cannot attend trials. We mail sufficient number of samples from each trial for the customer's evaluation by DHL, FedEx, UPS, or freight forwarding company.

FCT can arrange for shipments and handle all freight and International Customs documentation, according to the international standards and all aspects of shipping from the factory to the client’s door. All molds, tools and dies, etc., are properly packed and protected from damage during transport. Tooling is packaged in special wooden crates, protected against humidity, while the dies and molds are lubricated and protected with grease against corrosion. In standard packing for one mold, two paper copies of the mold drawings and 1 CD are enclosed, which contain all numerical information for that mold. Water fittings or electrical connections for hot runner molds are installed. The factory target is to deliver plug-and-play mold to the customer's site.

For special delivery requirements to your factory we will follow your requests. FCT is familiar with numerous ocean freight and airfreight companies for expediting purposes. FCT will maintain continuing correspondence with the freight companies and the Customs services in order to keep the client informed of shipment-in-process. The delivery by air is within three to eight days to almost every destination in the world (including custom clearances), while ocean freight can take between four to six weeks depending upon the time of year, etc. Any delay to the delivery will of course be communicated to the client in advance.

When it comes to mold and die steel specifications for mold construction, FCT will meet all of our customer requests (pre-hardened or hardened steels), like P-20, H-13, S-7, 420 Stainless Steel, etc. Steel, plastic resin and tool steel sources include any and all international suppliers as required. We will submit any and all certificates of conformance.

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