Welcome to First Choice Technologies

Who We Are
First Choice Technologies, established in 1998, is a rapid turn-around specialist in metal stampings and precision turned parts. We are a proud supplier for products and services made in the USA and around the world. We specialize in product development, design and engineering, tooling and mass produced
manufactured parts.

Our operational base expands throughout Asia, including China, Korea, Japan and India, making mass production of component parts and assemblies available through various qualified manufacturers that meet our customers’ specification and pricing requirements.

Utilizing our broad international trade base along with a local supplier network in Metro Detroit, First Choice Technologies delivers quality products on time and at a competitive price point.

How We Do Business
First, we learn everything possible about your business, your products and your engineering standards, then we apply our local and international expertise. We take a vested interest in your needs to maximize your profits, increased sales, meet your budget constraints, beat timelines and deliver quality products.
Information is available at your request to provide you with a level of confidence that other customers have entrusted in our services in various categories and capabilities including, but not limited to: Design and Engineering, Export Tooling, Manufacturing for Mass Production, Assembly, Castings, Investment Casting, Lighting Systems & Electronics, Plastics, Precision CNC & Conventional Turned Parts, Stampings and Fabrication.

Our Promise to Customers
At First Choice Technologies, Inc. customer service comes first. The quality of our products and services are second to none, and our prices speak for themselves. When it comes to quality, timeliness and reliability, First Choice Technologies is unbeatable.

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